Central Board of Secondary Education

Central Board ofSecondary Education came in to present existence after constant effort of the UP board of High school and Intermediate Education set up in 1921and subsequently a joint Board in 1929 were set up on the suggestion of the Government of India with inclusion of certain state and cities, It has improved the quality and standard of education. The constitution of Board was amended in 1952 and the present Board was constituted in 1962.Objectives of the Board is to make educational institution more effective and responsive to the educational need.

Central Board of Education mainly focus on to

  1. Get read of exam related stress.
  2. How to rectify wrong deed with self correction.
  3. To deal with the family members on not doing well in examination.
  4. How to manage the stress on un expected exam result.
  5. How to deal with the suggestion and advise of the family members relates to the preparation for examination.
  6. How to regularize the tress relates to preparation of examination.
All Subject
Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English1, English2